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Chris Lake

Chris Lake


Nervous Records

There’s a lot of booty shaking on the electronic dance floor thanks to this new album by up-and-coming producer Chris Lake. While Lake has slightly more electronic processing power at his disposal than NASA, he uses it more productively. Never lacking a solid dance mindset, Lake mixes a variety of female vocals and instrumental numbers with more than enough tempo variants to keep you interested throughout the entire CD.

Bubbly opener “Tokyo” leads with a deeply funky bass line. Its Daft Punk audio processing makes a nice riff off the female pop star styling that one can trace back to early Madonna or Britney. Later we run into a more Kraftwerk-influenced track, “Word,” with DJ Sebastian Leger adding a sampled sound that occasionally sounds like a jittery MP3 player almost getting stuck on a track and refusing to eject. Electro dancer “Robots” doesn’t have time for vocals, it just tramps around the floor emitting buzzing and thumping energy that the Japanese robotics wizards have yet to replicate.

Overall, Lake is a solid entertainer working in the dance media, and he successfully blends both tradition and innovation to show that disco never really died, it just got a better marketing agency.

Chris Lake:

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