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The Plague

On the one hand, we have lifeforms that have spent just short of four billion years evolving into independent, autonomous organisms, each and every generation of them–barring the occasional planetary catastrophe–more capable and successful than the last. On the other hand, we have these poor, failed offscourings whose desperate wish is to reverse the course of evolution, to crawl back into the Precambrian slime and coagulate hideously somehow into a single, crude, gigantic, shambling nightmare, a multicelled mutant monstrosity they call “the People”.

All the zombie movies Hollywood makes can be taken as a metaphor for the plague of authoritarian collectivism that we suffer under as a consequence. As they scuff and shuffle toward you, utterly devoid of physical or philosophical integrity, losing a thumb here, an eyeball there, disintegrating bit by bit as they draw irrevocably nearer, the politically undead will stop at absolutely nothing to make you one of them.

Today (ironically as it happens, given their ultimate objectives) they smear anyone who refuses to share in their carefully cultivated insanity, preferring to be left alone by the state, as a Nazi or a racist. Or they pretend to see “terrorists” in every shadow and under every bed–exactly as they claimed to see communists in the 1920s and the 1950s–faking evidence or forcing confessions out of every hapless immigrant cab driver. Am I wrong about that? How do you know? How can anybody tell if they ever find a real threat, after the way they lied about Dallas in 1963, the Gulf of Tonkin “incident”, Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Murrah building, the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon?

After the way they have constructed an empire of lies? </em>

Strong stuff from L. Neil Smith.

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