Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness

Bakery Outlet Records

It’s beddie-bye time and some slow, calming music might be in order. Holopaw could be the soporific of choice; they play slow, rarely-inflected guitars that snuggle in with their detailed and hard-to-follow lyrics. Sure, you can read the lyrics in the glossy jewel case insert before turning off the lights, but the print is white on a pale beige page, almost as if they don’t want you to know what any song is really expounding. Sonorous drums bed down with discreet keyboards and classical instruments flit across the songs like scudding clouds running before an early winter snow storm. Occasionally a shudder of energy ripples though this fuzzy grey music, only to be gently put in its place by the involved poetry of the lyrics.

Holopaw might, if it were to wake and dress, gaze at its shoes thoughtfully and tell us it feels a bit depressed, but hopes that when spring returns it will cheer up. I concur, but right now I’m drowsing off and need to restart the music player…

Holopaw: holopawmusic.com

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