• Six Brief Australias

    We’ll be catching up with this man’s talent for decades. Jason Nelson sends along six evocative postcards from Australia.

  • Nice Hat. Thanks

    "There are now enough semiotics to allow less skilled minimalists to enter the one-way dialog, rising from nearly nothing to almost something." No, seriously. Carl F Gauze says so.

  • A Small Fire

    Russell Kesler teaches writing at the University of Central Florida and Rollins College. Now a former student, Troy Jewell, takes a look at the instructor’s first collection of poetry, A Small Fire.

  • Lost In The Noise

    Every time I turn on the local college radio station and tune in to the hip-hop hour, between every song I get this itching in the back of my eyes….like “I should know better, just turn off the radio and don’t go along with the rest of the damn suburbanite kids ripping off perfectly good music that they should have nothing to do with….” And then the next beat comes in, some really cool samples and the poetry that old people refer either as “that noise” or, on occasion, as “rap.” And I’m lost in the noise…….

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