Black Breath

Black Breath

Black Breath

Razor To Oblivion

Southern Lord

Southern Lord ain’t just about slabs of slate-grey doom anymore! Beside the recent Accused album and Black Cobra’s poisoned Chronomega, now stands Seattle quintet Black Breath. And in the grand tradition of Entombed’s Crawl and Napalm Death’s Mass Appeal Madness EP, for their inaugural release Black Breath doesn’t even have fucking time for a whole album; instead they blaze through four songs before disappearing in a flash of red flame, sulfur and ash. Redolent of gas-huffing speedfreaks like Motorhead, Mudhoney, Judas Priest, and early Celtic Frost, Razor to Oblivion is a mess of distorted knife-edge thrash guitar, ridiculously downtuned bass, landmine drumming, and raw-throated vocal threats more suited to black metal. It’s a grand fucking disaster, old thrash riffs get into three-car pileups with desert boogie, dirty-ass punk, and delirious noise. And before you even have time to go, “God I like this, I hope they stay out of prison long enough for a full length,” it’s over. Just like that.

Southern Lord:

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