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The Izzys

The Izzys

Keep Your Powder Dry

Fat Man

The Izzys make you drive your car too fast. Trust me, I know.

Take the opener, “Tear Em On Down.” It sounds like the Stones and Skynyrd stuck in a bus station with a liquor salesman. Then change gears to the Parsons-ish “Under the Sun,” which never rushes to the finish line, thank you very much. These guys know how a guitar should sound – loud, raw, or weepy when the moment calls, such as the reflective “Lost on the Way” or their take on the Dead classic “Deal.”

Hailing from New York City, these guys have been around a few years and while they don’t necessarily fit into today’s taste of the moment nonsense, you get the feeling that doesn’t matter a bit to the Izzys. Turn it up between plays of Exile or The Gilded Palace of Sin – you know, the good stuff.

The Izzys:

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