Remember BDS? How quaint.

Remember BDS? How quaint.

Bush Derangement Syndrome: the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush.

So said the dean of Bush apologists, Charles Krauthammer, back in the day when even suggesting that the simpering monster from Texas might not have been, you know, actually elected to the Presidency earned you shrieks of derision and charges of “anti-American” from the “let’s kill brown people and steal the middle classes money crowd”.

How quaint that all seems now, don’t it?

The number two book on the New York Times bestselling non fiction list is The Obama Diaries by Laura Ingraham, right wing harpie who harbors extreme resentment against a mythical group of “elites” who are “fundamentally anti-American” , presumably for believing something different than she.

So she’s created a fictional “diary” of Obama, Michelle and Joe Biden and somehow got it listed as non-fiction, spewing all the standard talking points of the party of No, and of course the right wing media lap it up like lobbyist cash off a gay strippers ass. Thankfully Cobert skewered her to the point she looked like a deer in the headlights of a large truck, almost as if she didn’t realize that he in fact was calling her a talentless hack.

Now I have no love for Obama, in fact, he’s nearly worse than Bush…and that is saying something. But can you imagine if someone had penned a fictional diary of Dubya along similar lines? Full of misspellings, general ignorance and warmongering? The national media peed itself when Kayne West said Bush didn’t like black people- as if that was a mystery to anyone- but they just chuckle when this pathetic sore loser puts completely insane words into…oh, how did the “patriots” refer to Bush? Oh yes, the COMMANDER IN CHIEF…which, of course applies just the same to Obama. The constitution didn’t have a “except for nigrahs” clause in it, no matter how diligently the birthers comb for one. Nobody does much about the Zulu nation witch doctor posters of Obama so chic in tea party land, or the human speed bumps called the GOP, my how things have changed.

Now, I’ve largely given up, or run out of energy for rebutting the endless stream of “he’s a socialist!” (Goldman Sachs don’t invest millions in community property), or “tax cuts raise revenue!” (and said revenue is delivered by Santa Claus, you math-challenged nitwits) or the popular “Do your job…defend the borders!” yelp of the no-nothings (he’s deported more spics than Bush did, so go chomp your salad made from illegal immigrant labor and STFU). I’m over it, and it’s only half-way into the Obama presidency. How much more of this obstructionist, racist, ignorant blather are we going to be subjected to? So called Christians who scoff at any God but their God, all American and Wal-Mart white and by damn god its not religious intolerance to keep a Muslim mosque away from Ground Zero, your victimhood Mecca.

Now, the end result of this is gonna be a body beside the road, and an angry white guy with some right wing demagogue spew on his radio, a copy of Glenn Beck’s latest dropping or this excretory Ingraham product by his side, going hunting for liberals. And when it occurs, the 24/7 stupid circus will endlessly debate over “why”.

Really? It will have occurred because what you hoped for…happened.

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