“We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”
Lindsey Graham

This election marks the last time that the GOP will get this close to the White House. Locally they will continue to muddle along, and perhaps they’ll steal or suppress enough votes at some point to make it interesting, but as evidenced by the ROI of the millions of dollars that Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson received- i.e…not much, the GOP has met it’s match.

And it’s name is science.

The GOP’s appeal rests on three things: I’m white, straight, and Christian. The day of those things being remotely relevant is rapidly drawing to a close.

The United States will be majority-minority nation by 2042. By 2050, the country will be 54 percent minority as Latinos double from 15 percent to 30 percent of the population, Asian Americans increase from 5 percent to 9 percent, and African Americans move from 14 to 15 percent.

Unaffiliated or secular voters–not white evangelical Protestants–are the fastest-growing “religious” group in the United States. The percentage of adults reporting no religious affiliation almost tripled from 1944 to 2004, rising from 5 percent to 14 percent. Projections indicate that by 2024, 20 percent to 25 percent of U.S. adults will be unaffiliated.

This trend–combined with growth among non-Christian faiths and race-ethnic trends–will ensure that by the 2016 election (or 2020 at the outside) the United States will have ceased to be a white Christian nation.

The future of this country will be decided by Hispanics, women, and the secular- not by Karl Rove and Fox. The GOP holds no attraction to them, and they are deluding themselves (quite a popular sport among their ilk) to think otherwise. The echo chamber between and Fox can’t understand that Nate Silver isn’t an “Obama stooge” because they refuse to understand the science behind his method. They continue to believe that American is a center-right nation, because they have their own pet propagandist media filling their heads with utter and complete lies. Fox News and their useful idiots are the equivalent of the Creation Museum in Kentucky- beloved by the “faithful” and pitied by the rest of us.

I’ve watched conservative friends on Facebook attempting to stiffen the backs of fellow travelers with “I’m voting for Liberty!” and posting Youtube videos of Obama speeches, cut out of context, trying to convince themselves that the President is a Muslim. Or spreading dire warnings of gun control laws that will take their precious handgun and give it to the UN. It is truly sad to watch, but the days of the rest of the nation paying them any attention is waning.


The rest of the nation believes in gay marriage. The believe in the DREAM Act. They want marijuana decriminalized, and Citizens United overturned. They believe in evolution, Obamacare, and climate change. The only reason these things are still a topic of conversation is that monied interests want them to be. But as last night’s election proves, money falls short when it faces demographics. On the one hand it is fun to watch all the PAC money circling the drain, failing to achieve much of anything but boosting ad sales in Ohio, but in end just imagine if it was spent on public schools, or sustainable energy or the like.

I have been doing this blog for over five years, and this will most likely be my last political post. I feel confident in the future of this county, because unlike my conservative friends, I trust America. The increasing diversity of our population assures a more liberal, progressive society, no matter what Fox News says. But more than that, I trust science. Science always wins.


Within a few years the viewers of Fox and will be as vital as those Japanese islanders that refused to believe the war was over. But it is. Now you can dig your heels in and fight your imagined “socialist/Kenya/47% “moochers” but you’ll lose. You lost last night, and that was as close as you get for a long, long time.

Because science always wins. Always.

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