The Painting

The Painting

The Painting

directed by Jean-François Laguionie

starring Jean Barney, Chloé Berthier, and Julien Bouanich

The Painting

With a story straight out of the Disney Playbook and a style that’s pure Fauvism, this is a can’t-miss, family-friendly tale that deserves release outside of the film fest circuit. The concept is one we’ve all considered: what if those oil-painted people were real? What would their story be?

In this painting of a fabulous castle and garden, the All-Dones reside in splendor and know they are the pink of perfection. The Halfies are a few brush strokes shy of perfection and hide in the woods, while the Sketchies never made it out of the study phase. A cross-class romance goes afoul of local custom, sending Halfie Claire to jail and her All-Done lover Roland, a Sketchie named Quill, and an our Halfie narrator on a journey in search of the painter. The group breaks out of its painted world, meets other painted figures, and eventually finds heartwarming team-building resolutions. Along the way there are dozens of art gags that only the trained will get, but there’s enough suspense for the small viewers, and an engaging tale for the adults.

This movie is part of the 2013 Florida Film Festival. More information may be found at

The Painting:

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