Murmur Records

One 78 minute track. Why me, Lord, why me? I’ve covered a few discs by this space cadet Will Long, but they tend to be cut up into more manageable pieces. This particular project claims “one track with 26 movements,” but there’s no indication of where one begins or ends, and what changes in this composition changes slowly and subtly, and I can’t hear it. Acoustically, there are no notes or percussive elements that occur with any regularity. Rather, it’s like rubbing your finger on a really nice wine glass as someone drinks the wine with a soda straw.

The movement titles are properly cryptic. “Filled with Glyphs and Numerals” is a good title, as are “Sleeplessness and Pallor” or “Suite of Unnatural Melodies.” But could I point them out? Could you listen to one or the other and declare “Oh, yeah, I love that 325 hertz passage in ‘Flame Fanning’!” I think not. This is electronic ambiance suitable as a background loop in a modern art museum, a soundtrack to some sort of scientific animation, or something to soothe the baby.

Murmur Records: murmurrec.com

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