My Time Ain’t Now EP

Devil Down Records

You can never get enough of whatever variation country music takes because no matter how you arrange the chords or the tears, it still touches you down somewhere you won’t admit until after three longnecks. Turchi is another in a long list of excellent acoustic country lineups. Our vocalist just met a girl who “seemed” awful nice, “but when I turned around she said your money or your life.” Amen brother and keep that pedal steel pouring out the tears.

There’s deeper blues here on “Any Other Way”, an Eagles-like ballad on “Ellicott City” and Night Train gravelly vocals on “Mind’s Eye” and a general vibe these guys could bring a hostile audience to its knees in any juke joint in the land. My only complaint is this is just a 5 track EP; I want to hear more of this band despite its confusing name. I’m depressed, and dammit, I want to be depressed with these guys. Or drunk with them. Better yet, drunk AND depressed.

http://www.turchi.com; http://www.turchi.bandcamp.com

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