Best Picture

Best Picture

Best Picture
RibbitRepublic Theatre
With Tara Travis, Jon Paterson, Kurt Fitzpatrick
Brown Venue
Orlando Fringe Festival
Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL

This commentary was based on a technical prevue.

This is a show for film lovers, and by that I mean 35 millimeter Kodacolor or Technicolor or whatever Kindacolor they used to film black and white. We have three excellent improv artists (one yank, two polite Canadians) on stage; they do snippets of 80 “Best Picture” winners. They toss in a few others so iconic the popcorn junkies will riot if they forget them but they missed “Dr. Strangelove” and “Rocky Horror.” But as the punch out line of the 1960 Golden Globe winner “Some Like it Hot” announces: “Well, nobody’s perfect!”

These yuckmeisters use clever sight gags, outrageous jump cuts and physical comedy to make points. Example: they even demonstrate how “The Sound of Music” splices neatly with “Silence of the Lambs”. Who among you remembers the sheep Julie Andrews was tending? While “Lord of the Rings” and “Hurt Locker” appear the bulk of this material relates to the classic period of the talkies from the late 1920’s to late 1960’s. You’ve seen “Cimarron”, deconstructed “The Broadway Melody” and collected the “Wings” drink cups from Mickey D’s; now see how they were all secretly comedies.

This show was part of the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival. Information on tickets and times may be found at

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