Fer Isella

Fer Isella

Fer Isella

The Art of the Possible

Limbo Music

The Art of the Possible arrived just when it was needed. The world around me was in chaos with storms, crazy people doing crazy things and too many people saying too many things about all of it. Facing the real possibility of having your home be washed away is stressful. Seeing others who did lose everything is heartbreaking to the point of overload.

The album arrived in a cache of CD’s for review. I knew nothing of Fer Isella, so I put the disc in the player and pressed the play button. A solo piano began to play a simple tune. Not so simple really, but calming yet captivating. With The Art of the Possible, Isella draws the curtains on the clamor of bright screens and mutes the talking heads to give you space to decompress and meditate on things that matter. This is music that exists somewhere between chamber music, jazz improvisation and maybe even film score.

Fer Isella is an Argentine composer who has worked with Miho Hatori, Vera Spinetta, Mercedes Sosa and many others. Isella’s work her seems determined to underwhelm in the best possible way. He plays just the notes he needs and no more. Nothing more needs to be said.

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