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He’s A Jerk / Because I Love You

Hidden Volume Records

The 7-inch record was the lifeblood of rock and roll for the longest time. The single was what the kids bought with their lunch money and played to death on their hi-fi sets to annoy their parents. The single is pretty much an anachronism in the digital age, but it still has a place in the hearts of garage rockers and punks worldwide. I tend to hold off reviewing singles. I’d rather wait for a long player because I want more than just two songs. I definitely want more from Philly rockers RunHideFight!

“He’s a Jerk” is the A-side of RunHideFight’s debut release. The song is a throbbing slice of greasy, garage rock, all slashing guitars and pounding drums recalling the earliest outings by The Kinks. Geeta Dalal Simons sneering vocals cut through the fuzz with paralyzing distain. I don’t want Geeta taking aim at me!

Because I Love You has a psychedelic sheen courtesy of Greeta’s custom made 24-string guitar (one neck is an electric 12 string guitar and the other is an electric sitar). Think classic Zombies fronted by Joan Jett.

I want to hear more from RunHideFight. Geeta is a live-wire of a front person. She’s kicking the girls can’t rock cliché to the curb (does anyone really believe that trope anymore?) and representing her Indian heritage in her music. RunHideFight is Geeta’s return to rock after a 13-year maternity leave. If you think Mom can’t rock, you’ve got another thing coming.

Yeah! Give me more.

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