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Lindy Vision

Lindy Vision

Adult Children, Pt. 1

21st century New Wavers Lindy Vision unify past and present on their new EP. As the title of this release may hint, the songs on this record are both mature yet very playful and colorful. The group’s EP features six winning songs, and each track is like a color on a canvas for the band, who loves to give way to their artistic freedom and creativity in order to provide their music a dynamic and intelligent sound.

The opening number “Tight Rope” perfectly lures listeners in with the right mood, showcasing the variety of sounds that they can expect from this astonishing effort. In addition to that, tunes such as “Handshakes” reveal their most personal and emotional side, not only in terms of lyrics, but also their arrangements, production, and overall style.

This EP is filled with twists and turns, as well as different creative ideas that produce a truly beautiful atmosphere.

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