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Molly Thomas and the Rare Birds

Molly Thomas and the Rare Birds

Honey’s Fury

Kaigler’s Bottom Records

Molly Thomas is an Alabama-based musician who has previously featured on violin, vocals and strings for the likes of Matthew Ryan and Todd Snider. Honey’s Fury is Thomas’ third solo record (and her first collaborating with Rare Birds guitarist Rick Hirsh) and further demonstrates her talents as a vocalist and songwriter in her own right.

Right from moody opening track “The Boatman”, Honey’s Fury expertly showcases a diverse offering of high quality songs across the Americana spectrum. The rocking, sassy vibe of “I Wanna Live” is a real standout, highlighting the brilliant musicianship of her Rare Bird compatriots.

Delicate acoustic based songs like “Meet You Anywhere” and “Laura” contrast with the bluesy feel of “All Used Up” and the laid back groove of “Stay Stay” and the intensity of “The Ocean”, complete with superb fiddle and electric guitar work.

Honey’s Fury is an enjoyable eclectic mix that shows there’s more to Thomas’ talents than just being a sought-after session and touring musician for other artists.

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