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See an umlaut, expect a metal band. But not here: Askvader is a minimal hard rock band, and they have a much larger presence than their minimal drum, guitar, and bass line up.

The power chords electrify, and the vocals are clever and well executed. No spitting into the microphone, these guys git ‘er done and leave you wanting more. A whisper of religion floats in on “God’s Grace,” windows rattle on “Thunderstorm,” and Satan gets equal time with the more lyric-driven “Devils feast.” The music has notes, tunes, and hooks; these are songs that each ring distinctly from the usual wall of noise metal so often provides.

If I had to pick a U.S. musician as a comparison, that choice might as well be Richie Blackmore just after he left Deep Purple. Unapologetic hard rock with a solid grounding in the best power-chord years of the genre make this an exciting off-shore band with a solid listen by the rest of you hard rockers still allowed to go out alone.

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