Lynne Hanson

Lynne Hanson

Lynne Hanson

Just Words

Continental Holland

“Happy ever after lasts about as long as rainbow in June…” Good God, this disc nailed me in the first chorus of the first track. Ms. Hanson is on a roll with this, her eighth release. Stylistically, she’s a perfect example of the that Canadian country sound where love and relations are more important than trucks and beer. Behind her we hear a quiet but sophisticated backing sound, drums and a guitar, maybe a light dusting of keys or pedal steel. But that’s all just the wallpaper, her lyrics are clever, touching and unforgettable. As soon as her happy ever after evaporates we discover “Hearts Fade.” Ms. Hanson experiences hearts and fireflies but water can’t flow up hill, and old romances can’t be fixed, no matter how hard she tries. Everything is out here on her sleeve: her soul, her heartaches and the broken shards of a man who left when he should have stayed. Then she gets dark, there’s subtext of abuse under “Just Words.” Whatever she’s singing about; it grips and makes you think. Lynne Hanson is s solid vocalist with a great set of material that shows not only here skills, but the pain in everyone’s life. Repeated listens are enjoyable, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her voice just like I did.

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