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Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival 2022—Third Report

Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival 2022—Third Report

Loch Haven Park • Orlando, Florida

The rains have held off and there is still parking: Let’s go!

The Gay 90’s Musical

by Unseen Images Theater

Gold Venue

Some people long for cassette tapes and roller blades, others for questionable fashion choices. This hour of 1990s songs paints a nostalgic look at the era, with coming out as the major theme. The half-dozen people on stage kept up the pace, and their were a few real toe tappers up there. Favorite line from the project: “All the best Joes are Moes.” The pacing was on the slow side, but this drips nostalgia and questionable fashion.

I Favor My Daddy: A Tale of Two Sissies

by Jamie Brickhouse

Blue Venue

Sometimes you need to have someone die before you understand them. James Brickhouse grew up attracted to men, but his story covers the relations among mom and dad and growing up in Beaumont, Texas in the 1960s. Separate bedrooms and mid-century mores may be familiar to many of us, and all the really important revelations didn’t come until after both his parents passed. Brickhouse makes these people real and treats them with the respect parents deserve, even if they end up shocking their own children.

Everything I Wannabe!

by Jericko Productions

Teal Venue

Long time fringe seductress Sarah Lee Dobbs sings about growing up in the UK and receiving just enough success to stay in show business. She gradually built a career packed with backstage horror stories and enough triumphs to keep her going. She sings, she dances, she flirts with the front row punters. And she tells the heart breaking story of ALMOST making the big time. It’s not too late for you or her, but get your tickets early.

The Medium

by Musical Traditions Incorporated

Orange Venue

When Madam Flora began offering seances, it proved a lucrative trade with clients looking to contact the spirits of dead children, parents, and lovers. The trade may be lucrative but sleazy, yet the singing is pure operatic drama. Ironically, this is a drama about another drama, filled with intrigue and double-dealing and stage craft dedicated to an even deeper layer of stage craft.

The Princess Strikes Back: One Woman’s Search for the Space Cowboy of Her Dreams

by Victoria Montalbano SP

Blue Venue

When you’re trying to make it in life, community theater isn’t a good way to pay for groceries. Victoria tried it, and while she never made the big time, she made it with some sleazy producers in the throbbing world of the Chicago stage. Things were bumpy, and she points out virginity in your 20s is like trying to get rid of the thanksgiving leftovers. It’s a funny, sexy, self-revealing visit, and Star Wars is mainly the backdrop on the city of her life. It’s a great late night show, with lots of laughs and a few tears.

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