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    A woman descends into madness in this stylish horror film by Robert Altman.

  • Dawson City : Frozen Time

    Dawson City : Frozen Time

    Dawson, North West Territory, Canada had one of the biggest gold strikes ever. Silent movies entertained the miners between gambling and drinking, but the films were later dumped into the permafrost.

  • In Search of Lost Films

    In Search of Lost Films

    Phil Hill takes us down the musty path of missing films and lets us know what the world is missing.

  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds

    Cross of Iron. The Dirty Dozen. The Devil’s Brigade. The Guns of Navarone. Does Quentin Tarantino’s ambitious new WWII flick deserve to join such esteemed company? War-movie buff and Tarantino fan Steve Stav casts his vote.

  • Red Eye

    Red Eye

    What a team-up of terror — fright-master Wes Craven and Batman Begins’ creepy Cillian Murphy. Throw in the lovely Rachel McAdams as a potential victim, and you have a recipe for a good horror story set in an airplane in the middle of the night.
    However, this summer’s next nail-biter is not a slasher-at-20,000 feet flick at all. Our resident frequent flier, Steve Stav, filed this report on Red Eye.

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