• The Death of Bunny Munro

    The Death of Bunny Munro

    Nick Cave captures a side of east Sussex that you’ll never see on travel posters in this novel that Carl F Gauze likens to Death of a Salesman for the 21st Century.

  • Grail Pages

    Grail Pages

    The inside skinny on collectors of original comic book art and Carl F Gauze’s take on the guys who dig pictures of men who wear their underwear outside their pants.

  • Polly Scattergood

    Polly Scattergood

    Polly Scattergood (Mute). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Bill Bruford

    Bill Bruford

    Bill Bruford , former drummer for Yes and King Crimson, chats with Carl F Gauze about the differences between rock and jazz, the recent RIAA case ruling, and his supposed retirement.

  • Kikumoto Allstars

    Kikumoto Allstars

    House Music LP (Gigolo). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Flogging Molly

    Flogging Molly

    Returning for two sold-out shows in Orlando on their annual Green 17 Tour, Flogging Molly gave Carl Gauze a reason to chug another Guinness.

  • Top 19 Dead People of 2008

    Top 19 Dead People of 2008

    Carl F Gauze rounds up the best of those who left us last year. If there’s a more perfect number than nineteen, we’ve yet to find it!

  • Celtic Thunder

    Great voices and Celtic Music from a band made popular on PBS lilt through the UCF Arena. Carl F Gauze knows it’s going to be an early, and comfy, night.

  • Gwar


    Bloody, funny, and LOUD, Gwar returns to the stage with openers Kingdom of Sorrow and Toxic Holocaust. Carl F Gauze dodges a giant Chekhovian penis to come face-to-face with Satan at Orlando’s Club Firestone.

  • The Top 19 Dead People of 2007

    The Top 19 Dead People of 2007

    Don’t you dare close the book on 2007 yet! Carl F Gauze reviews the Top 19 celebrity deaths of the year that was, and you’re not likely to see these folks in soft-focus pinups in People Magazne.

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