• Fastball


    The Help Machine (33 1/3 Records). Review by Christopher Long.

  • Jeremy Ivey

    Jeremy Ivey

    The Dream and the Dreamer (Anti Records). Review by Jeremy Glazier.

  • British Mysteries from Acorn Media

    British Mysteries from Acorn Media

    Whether you are a fan of quirky detectives and wacky coincidences, or in-depth investigations with detailed forensic analysis, Acorn Media probably has a British mystery set that will appeal to you. Joe Frietze is here to take a look at four of their newest releases.

  • Cracker – The Complete Collection

    Cracker – The Complete Collection

    Robbie Coltrane stars as the psychologist who always cracks the case, while alienating everyone who cares about him. Joe Frietze wants your badge on his desk in one hour.

  • Rebus: Set 2

    Rebus: Set 2

    Ken Stott returns as the hard-drinking, hard-smoking, DI John Rebus for a second set of mysteries, based on the books by Ian Rankin. This series sees Rebus dealing with complex ciphers, underworld bosses, duplicitous businessmen, and dead cats, along with the requisite murders in each episode. Joe Frietze gives his best good cop/bad cop.

  • Cracker

    Countrysides (Cooking Vinyl). Review by Eric J. Iannelli.

  • Leftover Salmon/Cracker

    O Cracker, Where Art Thou? (Pitch-A-Tent Records). Review by James Mann.

  • Cracker

    Forever (Virgin). Review by Eric J. Iannelli.

  • Clem Snide

    The Ghost of Fashion (spinART). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Cracker

    When Cracker rose from the ashes of Camper Van Beethoven with the release of …

  • The Local Scene

    Roi Tamkin took in several of the local Atlanta-area acts at this year’s Music Midtown festival, including Kitty Snyder, Johnny Hyde, Peter Searcy, Ultrababyfat, Myssouri, Brand New Immortals, and Lotustarr.

  • Cracker

    Gentlemen’s Blues (Virgin). Review by Hal Horowitz

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