• John Romita… And All That Jazz

    John Romita… And All That Jazz

    Still depressed over that last Spider-Man movie? Matthew Moyer recommends you pick up this collection of interviews with Spidey artist extraordinaire Romita and travel back to a simpler time in Marvel Comics. Face it tiger, this is your lucky day!

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four

    “Flame on!” With that iconic phrase, Marvel Comics’ first super-group — the Fantastic Four — finally make their appearance on the big screen this summer. Can Tim Story’s presentation of the classic comic book possibly live up to the hype? More importantly, does the movie reach Spider-Man levels of filmmaking genius…or will it join Hulk and Elektra in the dustbin of superhero duds? Our resident Jack Kirby worshipper, Steve Stav, just might have the answer.

  • Against The Grain: Mad Artist Wallace Wood

    Wallace Wood was, unquestionably, one of the worldÃs greatest cartoonists. His work ranged from parody to mainstream superheroes to the undergrounds and was loved by his colleagues and fans alike. Yet this could not erase the rough edges of his life. Ben Varkentine takes a new look at an old favorite.

  • The Hulk

    Hulk finally has movie. Hulk becomes Ang Lee’s cinematic plaything. Hulk smash — or does he? Steve Stav, resident Marvel Comics afficionado, explores the effects of gamma radiation in his green-tinted review.

  • Daredevil

    The Album (Wind Up). Review by Vinnie Apicella.

  • Seth Enslow

    Drew Id finds out why waking up motorcycle guys that have crashed on their heads a few too many times is not a good idea in this challenging interview with daredevil Seth Enslow.

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