• Captain Action

    Captain Action

    This new tome from Michael Eury brings back Matthew Moyer‘s childlike sense of wonder even better than a real, live Captain Action plastic figurine would. No mean feat.

  • Flash Gordon, Vol. 7

    Flash Gordon, Vol. 7

    Matthew Moyer swoons like Dale Arden over this latest volume of vintage Flash Gordon reprints from the fine people at Checker Books.

  • Flash Gordon – Volume 4

    Flash Gordon – Volume 4

    Carl F Gauze sees the roots of the modern sci-fi blockbuster film in this gorgeous reprint edition of vintage 1930s Flash Gordon comic strips.

  • Jude Law

    Jude Law

    In a dramatic change of pace, young Hollywood luminaries like Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie gave up the trappings of location to film in front of a green screen. Rob Levy discusses Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow with Law.

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