• Girl Talk

    Girl Talk

    A boy called Girl Talk. A bio-engineering DJ. Rick Astley and Metallica? Gregg Gillis wholly embraces the philosophy of the “mash-up.” Reyan Ali wonders if what Girl Talk does is legal, good for the industry, or can even be considered music. So, he asked Gillis about it, point blank.

  • U2


    U2 stop off in Tampa to remind nearly 22,000 fans that they are rock gods! Tampa responds with “Yes, you are!”

  • Dexter Freebish

    Dexter Freebish

    Tripped Into Divine (Sixthman). Review by Andrew Ellis.

  • Dexter Freebish

    Dexter Freebish,Tripped Into Divine,Sixthman,Andrew Ellis

  • Ed Hale and Transcendence

    Rise and Shine (TMG). Review by Stein Haukland.

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