• James Kochalka

    James Kochalka

    Matthew Moyer is enraptured with James Kochalka’s wonderfully simple and joyous mix of early Peanuts and Gahan Wilson, earnest smiles, wide eyes, and rubbery bodies. You should be, too.

  • Undeleted Scenes

    Undeleted Scenes

    Jeffrey Brown draws his life in very small panels.

  • Superf*ckers


    James Kochalka’s Superf*ckers is a raunchy, dark, proudly toilet-humored takedown of every superhero team going. Matthew Moyer recommends you keep this one out of kids’ reach.

  • Owly: Just a Little Blue

    Owly: Just a Little Blue

    Diabetics beware: Owly‘s sweet nature and silent do-gooding is not to be taken lightly. Not even black-hearted Matthew Moyer could insulate his frozen countenance against Andy Runton’s warm, thick lines.

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