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The Manga Guide to Statistics

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Like statistics AND steamy Japanese art? This guide from Shin Takahashi and Trend-pro Co. may be a little bit light on the hot-and-heavy, but Carl F Gauze finds space for it on his bookshelf.

Death Note (Desu Nōto)

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The first of two live-action films based on the manga/anime/videogame, Death Note, is now available on DVD. It ain’t no Sin City, says Phil Bailey.

Ping Pong

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Tokyoite Heather Lorusso , no stranger to a game or two of ping pong herself, falls for Fumihiko Sori’s film adaptation of this popular manga series. What I want to know is, how does it stack up against Balls of Fury?


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Where can you buy fine Japanese merchandise without paying hefty import fees? Phil Bailey takes a look at jlist.com, a site with a wide variety of unusual merchandise for the Japanophile.


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Best known for his work on the anime Serial Experiments: Lain, Yoshitoshi ABe gets a beautiful showcase for his art in the new book, Essence. Phil Bailey takes a close look at the manga masterpiece.

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