• Bertrand Burgalat

    Bertrand Burgalat with AS Dragon at The Metro Club in London, UK on March 23, 2002. Concert review by Matthew Damascus. Photos by Heather Lorusso.

  • Fundamentally Useless

    Canfield Black (Four Track Demos) (self-released). Review by Matthew Damascus.

  • Bad Pills

    Dying of leukemia, Sverre H. Kristensen endeavoured to make the cute little funny animals in his final comic, Bad Pills suffer just as much as him. Matthew Damascus thinks he was successful.

  • Josh Sullivan Comics

    Ink 19 Columnist and comics wunderkind Josh Sullivan is at it again, with the tenth issue of his self-published Josh Sullivan Comics. Matthew Damascus takes a look.

  • Contrasting Views of People Living Within an Artistic Lifestyle

    Ex-"rock & porn" kingpin Matt Zane makes a stab at legitimacy with his new documentary, Contrasting Views of People Living Within an Artistic Lifestyle. Matthew Damascus fails to see the "Artistic" part.

  • Velveeda Singles and Seconds

    Matthew Damascus isn’t afraid to let you know that he reads porn comix like Velveeda Singles and Seconds… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • That Night Of Nights

    The by-no-means definitive guide to centering your whole April 1st around, yes, Wrestlemaniaaaaaaa! A “Bladejob” exclusive.

  • Some Girls Are Bigger…

    Perhaps Ziggy could play guitar, but there were many things he could never
    dream of doing. Like wrestle, for instance. A mostly, really, probably true Bladejob investigation on Akira Hokuto.

  • Twenty Lightbulbs (Of Hope) For 2001

    List-Mania is running wild all over Bladejob. Shudder in terror as
    Matthew Damascus struggles to pick out the bright spots for wrestling
    in 2001.

  • Bastard Obligatory Year-End List Mania Now

    It’s time for Bladejob to dole out dubious year-end honors for the
    “best” that Wrestling had to offer in 2000. Objectivity and common sense
    went right out the window…

  • Goddamn! What A Disturbing Triple H Video!

    Goddamn! What A Disturbing Triple H Video! That really kind of says it all,
    doesn’t it? Matthew Damascus critiques the cinematic techniques of a
    villain’s intro video in “Bladejob”.

  • Michiku Pro

    Easily the best Japanese women’s pro-wrestling site on the net. "All Purpose …

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