• Obscured by Clouds

    Obscured by Clouds

    William Weikart , the mastermind behind the band Obscured by Clouds , is one literate and surprising person. Tim Wardyn unveils Weikart’s impressive cast of influences (including Chris Cornell and Baroque music), how ex-girlfriends contributed to one of the best songs on their album Psycheclectic, and how his bandmate Thee Slayer Hippy got his name.

  • Madvillain


    Madvillainy 2 (Stones Throw). Review by S D Green.

  • Acoustic Philosophy

    Acoustic Philosophy

    Acoustic Philosophy II (Dark Moon Records). Review by Kyrby Raine.

  • Elbow


    Songs Sung Low from the British Highlands… John Hood explains why Elbow isn’t your average mope.

  • Things I Noticed In 2004

    Things I Noticed In 2004

    So maybe it doesn’t all fall on the same calendar. It all still merits a mention, or so James Mann thinks.

  • Bourbon Princess

    Black Feather Wings (Accurate). Review by Stein Haukland.

  • Dalaba/Frith/Glick Rieman/Kihlstedt

    Dalaba/Frith/Glick Rieman/Kihlstedt (Accretions). Review by Matt Cibula.

  • Torrez

    The Evening Drag (Kimchee Records). Review by Terry Eagan.

  • Twinemen

    Twinemen (Hi-N-Dry). Review by Kahlil Sadat.

  • Vincent Gallo

    Recordings of Music For Film (Warp). Review by Kiran Aditham.

  • Morphine

    When Morphine leader Mark Sandman collapsed and died in July of 1999, music l…

  • The Presidents of the United States of America

    The Presidents of the United States of America are back (sort of) with a brand new album, Freaked Out and Small. Julio Diaz takes the opportunity to talk to Dave Dederer and Chris Ballew for a lot longer than you can possibly imagine about just about everything under the sun. We dare you to find a more extensive interview than this one!

  • Morphine

    The Night (Rykodisc/Dreamworks). Review by Anton Wagner

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