• Pawns


    A triple bill of underground Goth, led by NYC’s Pawns, transforms Uncle Lou’s into a time machine. Jen Cray did not wear eye makeup, but she did wear a black shirt to the show.

  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy

    When Gothic godfather (oh stop it) Peter Murphy swept into Jacksonville on the 4th of July with a bag full of hits and Bauhaus classics, Matthew Moyer dropped his bottle rockets and went to check out the REAL fiireworks.

  • Sounds of the Blue Heart

    Sounds of the Blue Heart

    Beauty?… (Hollow Hills Sound Recordings). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • Over Kill

    Over Kill

    Immortalis (Bodog Music). Review by Jen Cray.

  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy

    Unshattered (Viastar). Review by Matthew Damascus.

  • Disillusion

    death metal,Disillusion,Back to Times of Splendor,Metal Balde,Daniel Mitchell

  • Disillusion


    Back to Times of Splendor (Metal Balde). Review by Daniel Mitchell.

  • Peglegasus

    Learning Curve (self-released). Review by Anton Warner.

  • Voltaire

    Boo Hoo (Projekt). Review by Ian Koss.

  • Fresh Frith

    Tom “Tearaway” Schulte has probably listened to it and reviewed it before you’ve even heard of it. This month he includes vinyl reviews and longer pieces on Tom Waits and Fred Frith.

  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy discusses Dust — his new East-meets-West CD — as well as David Bowie and the true meaning of "Gothic" in a surprisingly candid chat with Steve Stav.

  • A Sonic Recipe For Love

    Steve Stav offers his personal musical recipe for love, culling from various music genres and eras, to get your Valentine’s Day headed in the right direction. What, no Barry White?

  • Echo and the Bunnymen

    Live In Liverpool (spinART). Review by Steve Stav.

  • The Fall of Rome

    Tom ‘Tearaway’ Schulte cuts through a score of new releases, all kinds of electronic noise, garage thrash, and muso mastery compressed into compact critical chunks. It’s Outsight.

  • Campground Effect

    Campground Effect (Glue Factory). Review by Marcel Feldmar.

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