• Caitlin R. Kiernan

    Dark fantasy writer and palentologist Caitlin R. Kiernan explores the pain and wonder of modern fiction with James Mann.

  • Bastard Obligatory Year-End List Mania Now

    It’s time for Bladejob to dole out dubious year-end honors for the
    “best” that Wrestling had to offer in 2000. Objectivity and common sense
    went right out the window…

  • Rum, Sodomy And the Lash

    The Sandman is a liability for ECW and he should be cut loose, says
    Bladejob. Avert your eyes from the naked drunk wrestlers in the
    ring, please. Trauma of the highest degree when ECW comes to Pensacola.

  • Mommy, Why’d You Let The Drunk Beat Me Up?

    Ditch this gimmick like the plague. It’s fucking bad, trailer park, crazy uncle, kind of shit. The snot rag doesn’t make sense. The gesture in itself is not particularly vile or sinister, it’s more bizarre like that kid who ate paste and boogers in second grade. AND RAVEN IS NO PASTE EATER!

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