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Mego 8″ Super-Heroes

Print Reviews

Like a kid in a toystore, Matthew Moyer is agog over this photo collection devoted to Mego’s delightfully strange line of classic superhero action-figures from the late Seventies. They look like dolls to me….


Screen Reviews

You see an Autobot and a Decepticon battling to the death, Chuck Bantam sees two piles of garbage rolling through a CGI city. Now don’t you want to find out what he thought about the rest of this summer’s popcorn spectacular?

Cool Toys

Gear Reviews

Phil Bailey takes a look at some of the finest pieces of molded plastic available, including the Ghost World Enid Coleslaw action doll, The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy playset, and the strange new Japanese fad of Kubricks.

Adult Toys


Many toys aren’t intended for kids. Phil Bailey takes a look at some of the more interesting toys aimed at grown-ups, including lines based on the Universal Monsters, The Simpsons, and pin-up queen Bettie Page.



Lots of artists like to go into the studio to play with all the high-tech toys, but Self went in to record their new album on actual toys! Matt Mahaffey reveals the secrets of Gizmodgery to Bryan Tilford.

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