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The Locust

Flight of the Wounded Locust


To the casual observer, The Locust may come off as a total joke band; they been known to wear super-hero costumes on stage, bug masks, mullet and mustache combos… the list goes on. But when we take a listen to the music, we find The Locust are much more.

The CD pressing of Flight of the Wounded Locust comes with the tracks that were released on vinyl as a split with Arab On Radar, a true bonus! It is evident, too, that The Locust seems to have been at least mildly influenced by Arab on Radar as of late. Typically, The Locust has been known for fast, bruising, screamo metal-core. The songs on this EP are a bit more strange, though; the keyboards are up front in most of the songs, playing very bizarre noises and funny little melodies. What hasn’t changed, though, is The Locust’s ability to thoroughly rock the listener, causing total loss of bowel control.

This is the first time I’m ever heard The Locust on CD (most of their vinyl releases are very unique and worth buying simply for cool appearance), and I must admit that the recording is much more crisp on CD. Usually chaotic and somewhat sloppy, I feel the Locust is the type of band which sound better on CD… I am aware of the blasphemous nature of such a statement, but it’s true!

To sum up, The Locust are weirder than ever on this release, but still rocked my pants off!

Gold Standard Laboratories, PO Box 178262, San Diego, CA 92177;

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