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Soul Motor sounds like a cross between White Zombie, Godsmack, and Alice In Chains, but without any of the sincerity that any of those bands ever showed in any of their music (minus the worthless Godsmack, of course!). Revolution Wheel is a corny attempt to sound tough and brutal by a bunch of aging rockers who are trying to keep up with today’s heavy rock artists (Soul Motor is Brian Wheat from Tesla’s side band).

If you’ve ever heard Jerry Cantrell’s solo stuff, you’ll have a good idea of the songwriting style of Soul Motor, mainly because it seems like these guys stole it directly from him! I don’t like Jerry Cantrell’s solo stuff at all, really, but I can appreciate the musicianship behind it. I think that’s what makes Soul Motor’s blatant theft all the more aggrivating (see “By the Sound of Her Wings”). Come on guys, it’s so obvious; you should be ashamed!

If I had to say something positive about this record, I would give major kudos to the production team; the sound quality of the recording is pristine! The guitars and basses have a really clear and definite ring, making them the highlight of the album. The drums are crisp and even with the rest of the instruments, making for a nice mix of a rhythm section. Nice job, producer Brian Wheat! Maybe you should consider producing a full time job and give up being in bands, because if you can make a turd like Revolution Wheel shine on a regular basis, I see a great future ahead of you as a producer!

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