Cain’s Way

World War III

Make no mistake that Hate is an incredibly heavy, dark, and evil death metal band, one to which any fan of metal, of any genre, should give at least one listen. This is death metal in the traditional sense; no frills, no flash, no pomp. Hate’s only job is to destroy the listener, and they do with huge, perfectly crafted riffs, growling vocals the way they should be done, and a merciless approach that screams aggression!

Cain’s Way is the band’s second release. The boys are from Poland, so comparisons to Vader are inevitable; for Vader’s sake, I think Hate will soon capture their throne, but the influence Vader was on Hate’s musical development is clear throughout all of the album. Hate’s drumming is pure Vader, as are many of the guitar riffs found on Cain’s Way.

As with most truly “extreme” music, only a certain calibre of metalhead will be able to enjoy Hate’s music. The only way to describe it accurately is to say that Hate’s music sounds like the soundtrack for a murder. It is very violent, shocking, and incredibly dramatic. Fans of tough guy music like Godsmack or Disturbed will urinate down their legs upon hearing Hate’s Cain’s Way, so know your musical threshold for toughness before you try this one out!

World War III: http://www.ww3music.com

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