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Kill Me Tomorrow

I Require Chocolate 7”

Gold Standard Laboratories

This Kill Me Tomorrow 7” is really good, enjoyable stuff. This is the kind of 7” that’s so good that it makes you create a mix tape of 7”s, just so you can listen to the songs on it, in your car. There’s only two songs here, but it doesn’t matter, because they’re so darn good.

KMT take cues from early 1980s post-punk bands like Birthday Party, Bauhaus, early Sonic Youth and Samhain. I can hear bits and pieces of all of these bands in the two tracks here. The lead singer for KMT must have attended the “Peter Murphy School for Vocalists,” as he sounds just like him! The band’s instrumentation is very rudimentary, tribal and stripped down, creating a sound that is tremendously inviting.

“I Require Chocolate” is absolutely intoxicating, with a very Siouxsie and the Banshees tribal drumbeat, a grainy, overdriven, three note bass line and reverberated vocals masked by the other instruments. The chorus takes us a little further into the history of post-punk, featuring an early 1990s math-punk beat, hidden somewhat by chaotic and tortured guitars. The 7”s other track, “Rats For Sale,” is pretty solid, but it’s forgettable when compared to “I Require Chocolate.”

GSL just keep the fantastic 7”s coming. Fans of Kill Me Tomorrow probably already have this, but if you’ve come to this because of cross references, this 7” is really an instant classic, thanks to the strength of “I Require Chocolate.” A+ for this one.

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