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Monster Squad/S.T.F.U.


Burnt Ramen/Rodent Popcicle

Since The Monster Squad is my favorite ’80s movie, it stands to reason that I would appreciate a band of the same name, right? No, I didn’t think so either, but misplaced nostalgia compelled my ears to give it a go. I am horrified that I did. In some review I’ve already forgotten I’ve railed against corporate, puss-punk, but, gentlemen and ladies, gutter punk might actually be worse. Mohawks, studded leather and tattoos; songs called “Brotherhood and Unity” and “Revenge on Society”; the Bay Area? Just because Rancid’s become irrelevant doesn’t mean we need a replacement for them.

Monster Squad may be intolerable but they are the Einsteins in this two-part equation. S.T.F.U.’s first song, “Big Fat Boss,” contains the line “Big fat boss can suck my dick.” Rife with socio-political commentary or just grade school taunting? You decide. Seriously though, I’m spent and refuse to give this disc any more thought. Gutter punks, meet your new home… my garbage can.

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