The Blue Van

The Blue Van

The Blue Van

The Art of Rolling


The PR for this Danish band’s new album tries to present the band members’ all-consuming love for, and slavish devotion to, the burgeoning power-pop of the ‘ 60s as a remarkable feat. As if making a conscious decision in their youth to ignore more contemporary music styles has a greater weight to it than a band making that choice today. It’s all academic really, because the average listener isn’t going to know the band’s backstory from listening to the CD. They’re only going to note that The Blue Van is excellent at capturing the sounds of their idols.

Many of the songs here sound like alternate takes or long-lost B-sides from The Kinks’ catalogue. There’s also enough stomp, swagger and wall-of-organ to please any Animals fan. “The Bluverture” even pulls off an odd amalgamation of “Strawberry Fields Forever” pipes, Keith Moon drumming and Ennio Morricone whistles. The closest modern approximation to this album is Supergrass’s I Should Coco, and while that album is clearly superior, The Art of Rolling is a harmless bit of nostalgia for those still infatuated with the summer of love.

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