The Evangelicals

The Evangelicals

The Evangelicals

So Gone


If the Evangelicals at the church on Tremont had been this much fun, I wouldn’t have quit going to church. The Evangelicals of my youth were a rather stuffy lot. The boys from Norman, Oklahoma, who call themselves The Evangelicals are anything but stuffy. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that The Evangelicals have a serious problem with authority and strict construction of doctrine. So Gone opens with a bubbling sound collage that barely coalesces into something resembling a song. From there, the band goes on a hallucinatory ride through a half century of pop song, mashing up electro pop with Tin Pan Alley, African Juju with Herman’s Hermits and The Beach Boys with Phillip Glass. It is hard to tell where The Evangelicals are trying to take us. Their enthusiasm is boundless, resulting in songs that are sometimes a messy collision of sound. If the old Evangelicals at that church had been anything like this band, Sunday service would have been a never-ending adventure. I’d have had to go to service each Sunday morning just to see what would happen next.


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