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Our Love to Admire


For their Capitol Records debut yesterday’s buzz band has shed the white hot spotlight and allowed their ambitions to soar in the studio. Our Love to Admire is grander in scale and sound and their sights seem to have been elevated out of the dark and smoky NYC dives and onto the promise of wide open stardom. The shadowy figures who once seemed like ancestors of Joy Division are beginning to sound like peers of U2.

The moody dark waves of swooping choruses and accidental dance beats are still there, nicely tucked away behind the unaffected vocals of Paul Banks, but built into them are a brand new sense of scope. They appear a band prepared to take chances:

Babe, it’s time/ we give something new a try/ oh, alone we may fight/ so just let us be 3 tonight – from “There’s No I in Threesome”

And while threesomes may not be the best idea for spicing up a failing relationship (trust me on this one), it can certainly add dramatic flair, which is always good for a songwriter. While the literal nature of Banks’ lyrics are up for debate, it is clear that he – and the band – took some chances with their third album that should put to rest any whispering of Interpol as being a trend since past. Bands like The Bravery can keep trying, but they will never be 1/10th as talented as Interpol.


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