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Songs for Other People

Holidays for Quince

Sometimes the best records are ones that are the hardest to describe, and Songs for Other People from North Carolina’s Filthybird is certainly that. Part folkie/country, a bit pop, a bit Bill Nelson/Frippish guitar (due to former Glenn Branca Orchestra, LaMonte Young guitarist Brian Haran), all combining in a gorgeous soundscape that throbs with passion, not volume.

A follow-up to their debut Southern Skies, the album is built around the heavenly, lilting voice of Renee Mendoza, and she carries it well. A touch of Kate Bush with a dash of Hope Sandoval, Mendoza is a perfect icing to the atmospheric guitar of husband Haran. The Carolinas haven’t given us something this enticing since the days of Whiskeytown or the db’s. Strange name, great band. Isn’t that what someone once said about the Beatles?


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