The Switchblade Kid

The Switchblade Kid

The Switchblade Kid

Miss Molly Music

There are a whole lot of young bucks out there who lay candles at the altar of the Jesus and Mary Chain and fervently wish that maybe some of that sacred n’ profane would rub off on them, and y’know what? I FULLY support that. Better a nation of Mary Chain clones than Days of the New clones (‘member them?). But the problem is that, see, it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing deep DEEP down in your guts. So thank Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and JUDAS for The Switchblade Kid’s Memphis upbringing, which guarantees that there’s a surfeit of soul and Southern dirt seeping into his UK shoegazing tendencies. The Switchblade Kid gets it right in the same way that A Place to Bury Strangers’ first album got it right. Twelve (!) songs of ultra-low fi, primitive mono-chord sneering swamped in reverb and echo – the stuff that true rock dreams are made of. Now it’s time to hit the road in a leather jacket and start riots every night.

The Switchblade Kid:

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