Beat Funktion

Beat Funktion

Beat Funktion

Green Man

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From the opening percussion to the horns and driving lyrics, Beat Funktion generates non-stop fun on their latest album. The beats begin light and airy but quickly turn into smoothly delivered craftsmanship. The horn intro on the titular track, approximately 15 seconds in, immediately becomes a symphonic delight to the ear with its swinging melody. I couldn’t help but tap my feet in time to the quick rhythm, which evoked a sense of freedom that one might feel behind the wheel of a fast car.

The LP quickly picks up the tempo as it moves through “Steampunch” and “Jack the Ripper,” to flying “Over the Ocean” with “Lorelei” and the title cut. The storytelling conjures a cacophony of mental images as befitting the fusion style of this Swedish jazz band. The mix of jazz, R&B, disco, and soul is highly evident and leads the listener on a funkadelic journey across a sea of raw emotions. Jon Eriksson’s drums and Pal Johnson’s bass provide the underlying drive that pushes the song and the listener. Olle Thunström’s tenor sax and Karl Olandersson’s trumpet provides the perfect punch and counter punch to the driving beat of the bass line, serving to accentuate the guest vocals performed exquisitely by talents such as Jasmine Kara, Deodato Siquir, and Damon Elliott, to name a few. Daniel Lantz on keyboards and Johan Öijen on electric guitar round out the band. Lantz also serves as primary writer for the band.

This is the funky Swedes’ sixth studio album, a thoroughly enjoyable fusion romp that will satisfy any fan of the genre. It is refreshingly upbeat and well worth numerous spins.

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