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Ian Moore

Ian Moore


Last Chance Records

To be honest, I had never heard of Ian Moore, but when my editor asked if I would like to review the new six-song EP, Toronto, I figured I’d give it a whirl. It’s a darn good thing my editor knows me ALMOST better than I know myself – this golden nugget may just be the best release of 2018. Moore has worn many musical hats over the course of his career, and these six gems meld the best of the Texas rocker’s diverse sound. Backed by drummer Sekou Lumumba (Bedouin Soundclash, Thornley) and bassist Matt Harris (Oranger, The Posies), Moore co-produced the record with Brian Moncarz.

Opening with a one-two punch, “You Gotta Know” comes screaming out of the gate with a Bowie-flavored, hard-driving guitar/drum infused scorcher followed by “Lords of the Levee,” another robust rocker. “Looking For The Sound,” with its hints of Matthew Sweet and Tom Petty comes next, and it is the perfect setup for “1000 Blackbirds,” a song The Killers easily could have recorded. “Rock N Roll,” another Bowie-esque rocker with subtle specks of Nickelback, is over as quickly as it begins and leaves you wanting more. Rounding it out with the mellower Wallflowers-flavored “Satellite,” the EP is over at lightning speed, and the only thing left to ask is, why isn’t there more, more, Moore?

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