Julie Burningham

Julie Burningham

Julie Burningham

There Is Hope

Singer/songwriter Julie Burningham’s new EP, There Is Hope is a classy and understated effort, performed with passion and emotion. The project is home to four beautiful songs, including the title track. This song has a very uplifting melody and a minimalistic arrangement that will give listeners a soothing and peaceful experience. The following track, “Warrior on the Inside,” is one of the highlights on the record. I love the fact that it brings a more sophisticated arrangement, chockful of Celtic-inspired melodies and beautiful vocal harmonies, which make me think of artists such as Enya and Tori Amos. “Under the Piano” is a sweet and charming ballad, which relies on a simple but emotional melody. I love the vocal harmony in the background, bringing a lower tone to the lead vocals and adding to the depth and richness of Burningham’s stunning performance. Last, but definitely not least, “Just Remember” feels like a perfect curtain closer for this gorgeously crafted EP. This cut is quite cinematic, due to the combination of strings and piano. It makes me think of a song that could be on one of those classic films such as “The Sound of Music” or “West Side Story,” but with a more understated vibe and classic approach to songwriting.

One of the best features on this EP is definitely the versatile and diverse sound that you can expect from this it. At the end of the day, I would definitely recommend this release to any fan of folk-inspired music with a New Age twist and authentic feel for great songwriting and passionate melodies. Burningham’s lyrics are also personal and direct, giving the audience a strong sense of intimacy and building a much stronger personal connection with the listeners. With such heartfelt songwriting and such an intimate approach to songwriting you really can’t go wrong.

Somewhere in between charmingly timeless and refreshingly innovative, Burningham’s songwriting style will certainly make an impact in your life, and this EP will make its way into your go-to list this year and hopefully beyond.


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