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Death Valley Girls

Death Valley Girls

Street Venom

Suicide Squeeze

Consider that music was first successfully recorded in 1860. Now think of every song, every performance that has been recorded and documented since then. No matter how diligent you are, you’re gonna miss some stuff. So don’t beat yourself up if you initially missed out on the 2014 cassette release of Death Valley Girls’ debut album Street Venom , just grab the fancy vinyl reissue Suicide Squeeze just released.

Hearkening back to the mid ’60s garage rock scene without sounding like a retread or museum piece, Street Venom is a collection of gloriously fuzzed-out chunks of garage goodness that subtly reveal disparate influences.

The sweetness of “Get Home” sounds like ’60s girl groups filtered through Suicide’s first album, the fuzzed-out “Get Home” features a guitar solo that manages to sound both mournful and majestic, and there are elements of the Cramps’ simplicity mashed together with the catchiest AM radio hits of yesterday, all covered in a thick, menacing fuzz, with Bonnie Bloomgarden’s voice sounding like a supernatural presence.

So don’t despair if you initially missed out on Street Venom. Pick up the reissue and let the fuzz carry you away.

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