Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber

Angels Over Oakanda

Avant Groidd Musica

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber is a collaborative collection of musicians led by former Village Voice writer and musician, Greg Tate. Burnt Sugar is intended as an outlet for musicians to collectively omprovise and let their inner weirdness play. The collective assembled on Angels Over Oakanda leans heavily into the early ’70s sounds of Miles Davis.

The first section of this four part suite, “Angels Over Oakanda” is built around a Greg Tate rhythm loop. Tate then did a conducted improvisation with a jazz chamber orchestra. “Repartiation of the Midnight Moon” contuses the space tripping feel established early on. Trumpet and sax solos float up and over a rhythmic groove. The hypnotic groove isn’t broken until the final section, “”Lisala Over inna Oakanda.” Lisala Beatty sings of the Angels of Oakanda, mixing the Marvel mythos with the real political and artistic activists who made Oakland, California a hub of Black culture in the ’70s.

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