• 1984


    George Orwell imagined a world were nothing you do goes unreported to a large, heartless, corporate government and its impossible to tell truth from fiction. Welcome to the future, citizen!

  • My Favorite Year

    My Favorite Year

    Benjy Stone writes for the brand-new media, television, and meets his childhood hero, the drunken Alan Swan. Can Benjy keep Swan sober long enough to entertain America?

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out

    Five local critics read some their reviews of past Brian Feldman projects to Brian’s face.

  • txtshow: 10th Anniversary

    txtshow: 10th Anniversary

    Performance art, Brian Feldman, communication, anniversary
    Brian Feldman present the 10th anniversary of his big hit “txtshow”

  • Gertrude and Claudius

    Gertrude and Claudius

    Before Hamlet had his run in with a bad fencing experience, there was some high level hanky panky. Here are the juicy details…

  • Make Mine A Double

    Make Mine A Double

    Kevin Kelly walks into a bar and says: “Wow! What a crowd!”

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