• Del Boy – the Return of Justin Currie

    Del Boy – the Return of Justin Currie

    Del Amitri frontman Justin Currie is back in the spotlight with his debut solo album. Andrew Ellis finds out why the Scottish singer-songwriter won’t be joining any protest marches anytime soon…

  • Wheat’s Harvest

    Wheat’s Harvest

    Brendan Harney, drummer with left-of-center Massachusetts band Wheat, tells Andrew Ellis why the band is happy making music independently again.

  • Poetry in Motion: Peter Bradley Adams

    Poetry in Motion: Peter Bradley Adams

    Andrew Ellis chats with singer-songwriter Peter Bradley Adams about his journey from classical musician and composer to the mainstream.

  • Glen Phillips

    Glen Phillips

    Andrew Ellis speaks to former Toad The Wet Sprocket frontman Glen Phillips as he gears up for the release of his new solo record and the brief reunion of his old band.

  • Blue October: Reality Radio

    Blue October: Reality Radio

    Andrew Ellis talks music and much more besides with Blue October frontman Justin Furtenfeld.

  • Bill Deasy

    Bill Deasy

    Pittsburgh singer-songwriter Bill Deasy gives Andrew Ellis the lowdown on his recently-released sophomore solo album.

  • The Top 19 Independent Albums of 2005

    The Top 19 Independent Albums of 2005

    Andrew Ellis picks his top 19 independently-released records of 2005.

  • Alex Woodard

    Alex Woodard

    Really, it’s a no-brainer, but Alex Woodard tells Andrew Ellis just why he traded a career in accountancy to become a singer-songwriter.

  • Scot Sax

    Scot Sax

    Scot Sax is partly responsible for the new Faith Hill single, “Like We Never Loved At All” — but don’t hold that against him. Andrew Ellis discovers why the Pennsylvania native’s career in the music industry is going from strength to strength.

  • Wilshire


    Pop-rock duo Wilshire go back to their roots in more ways than one on their new release, Already Home and as Lori Wilshire tells Andrew Ellis, they couldn’t be happier.

  • The Crash Moderns

    The Crash Moderns

    Andrew Ellis talks The Sopranos, Nintendo oh, and music, with Danny Roselle, frontman for hot NJ band The Crash Moderns.

  • Cary Pierce

    Cary Pierce

    Andrew Ellis talks to former Jackopierce frontman Cary Pierce about his career and why he feels blessed.

  • Evan and Jaron

    Evan and Jaron

    Jaron Lowenstein is treading a familiar path from musician to actor. Andrew Ellis finds out what more about his impending movie career and what he’s been up to musically.

  • MG4


    Mike Garrigan is something of a music industry veteran. Stints in modern rock outfits Collapsis and Athenaeum as well as a career as a solo artist have provided the singer/songwriter/musician with a rich seam of experience in what is a cut-throat industry. With the release of his new band’s EP, he tells Andrew Ellis why he’s back in front of the mic again.

  • Supercell


    Andrew Ellis talks new albums, iTunes and Budweiser with Jason Wheelington, frontman of up and coming Dallas rockers, Supercell.

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