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Enzo Rocco

Enzo Rocco

Music Reviews

SCRAPS: (very) old and (almost) new solo guitar pieces. Review by Bob Pomeroy.


Music Reviews

Beyond (Libra Records). Review by Bob Pomeroy.

Saxophone Colossus: Sonny Rollins

Screen Reviews

Idiosyncratic and in relentless pursuit of perfection, Sonny Rollins cut a swath through jazz music that has yet to fade out. Scott Adams examines this documentary of his musical achievements.


Music Reviews

Overture: Live in Nippon Yusen Soko 2006 (Drag City). Review by Aaron Shaul.

David Grubbs


From his teen days in Squirrel Bait through stints with Slint and Gastr Del Sol and on to his solo work for Drag City, David Grubbs has long been an innovator in music. Nirav Soni spoke with Grubbs about improvisation, collaborations, Indian music, and the Beach Boys.

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